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You Rockgaine November 6hr – (19th November 2023)

, Sunday 19 November 2023

Competitors about to head off at the start of the event.

WOW!! What a spectacular way to finish up the Rogaine year at the You Yangs!
Sunny skies, light sea breeze, amazing views, and incredible granite boulders and rock faces.
The course offered something for everyone, ranging from flat open fast areas to challenging steep and scrubby.

This event was very popular, and due to the Park Management rules, the max quota of 300 participants was very quickly reached. The Hash House’s lovely bush setting enhanced the camaraderie, with everyone enjoying the delicious food provided. Such a treat after a Rogaine!

Congratulations to Kathryn Preston, Narelle Crozier, Luke Haines who managed to clear the course with 8 minutes to spare! Our top three podium was:-

  • Kathryn Preston, Narelle Crozier, Luke Haines (2210)
  • Shelley Bambrook, Elizabeth Dornom. (1860)
  • Teagan Belfrage, Tim Boote.(1810)

Many thanks to the event setting team of Nick Somes, Rod Kenafacke and Derek Morris. Well done on such a great event. It could be said that the real winner on the day was rogaining itself, and watching teams come back in after clearing 10, 20 or 30 controls with smiles on their faces was extremely satisfying. In Nick’s own words:

“As a first-time course setter, it was a great opportunity to get on the other side of the map and set a course. My setting partner, Rod, and I spent many days in the park and in front of the computer setting the course and sorting out the details. We were blessed with an amazing piece of land and a great support team from within the VRA. Thanks to our Vetter Derek Morris, who made sure the event was well set and mapped. Watching the event rather than competing was an experience. After 3 hours of being highly active as we got into the park, got the tent set up and the event started, it was suddenly very quiet as everybody disappeared onto the course. A wait for a few hours and then they started rolling back in with a rush in the last 30 minutes.”

As usual, this event would not have happened without all the hard work put in by the team of volunteers; Grant Jeffrey, Arthur Day, Peter Chen, Lorraine Morgan, Sue Noy, Andrew Davidson, Gen Johnstone, Di Baker, Ian Wanless, Tim Plozza, Phil Jelliff, Cameron Schmelitschek, Ken James, Wayne Merry, Fiona Kirsten, Alaster Meehan, Neil Phillips, Phil Giddings, Raj Kadambi, and John Clemens, as well as Bernadette, Emily, and James Kenafacke who helped with the parking, and everyone else who helped before and after the event. Many Thanks to you all.

Hopefully, everyone, both competitors and volunteers, will return for more when we resume bush rogaines in 2024..

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  • 6 Hour Results (Excel) - 26 KB - Download
  • 6 Hour Results (PDF) - 87 KB - Download
  • 6 Hour Tag Files (Zip) - 625 KB - Download

Chimneys and Ruins 6/12hr Rogaine (7th October 2023)

, Saturday 7 October 2023

Volunteers enjoyed a fantastic sunset and warm fire waiting for the 12 hour teams to return.

Volunteers enjoyed a fantastic sunset and warm fire waiting for the 12 hour teams to return.

Flesh freezing breezes to skin burning sun, rolling paddocks to the evil checkpoint ripping clothes and bodies. The spacious hash house on top of the hill had magnificent views of the rolling sheep grazing country with Mount Franklin lurking behind. The course covered some great country with some thick scrubby bush – no views here. Some scrub was prickly, some of it was not. People quickly learned to tell the difference. But there were also many magnificent areas where the going was nice and easy. It was good to see that the views and the weather encouraged many rogainers to stay and gather around after the event. They enjoyed the Castlemaine Lions Club sausages and volunteer made soup. There was great camaraderie after the event.

About 250 people turned up to participate in a combination of 6 and 12 hour events and just about everyone claimed overall it was fantastic. A large number of novices out for a new experience benefitted from Norm’s new help desk.

Congratulations to Tim Plozza, Gleb Belov for taking out the 12 hour event. Our top three podium was:-

  • Tim Plozza, Gleb Belov.(2320)
  • Helen Steenbergen, Ed Steenbergen. (2180)
  • Andrew Baker, Paul Monks, Greg Robinson.(2090)

For our 6 hour event the winners were Cian O’reilly and Andrew Mccarthy. with an impressive 1330 points despite arriving ever so slightly late. For the 6hr event our podium was:-

  • Cian O’reilly, Andrew Mccarthy..(1300)
  • Rob Taylor, Rod Gray, Ian Gordon.(1300)
  • Yevheniia Prytkova, Eugen Kozynin .(1150)

Andrew Piddington and his crew of enthusiastic helpers put on a fine Rogaine with navigational challenges and yet there was room to run. Thanks to Andrew Arranging, Andrew Johnston, Andrew Piddington, Ann Lonsdale, Anneke Thomson, Bernie Quirke, Beth Donegan, Di Baker, Dianne Hebard, Gerard Herten, Grant Jeffrey, Julia Trenchard-Smith, Lorraine Morgan, Margreta Kuijper, Martin Sime, Miranda Milne, Monica Raphael, Norm O’Bryan, Paula Horton, Phil Jelliff, Raj Kad, Ron Frederick, Steve Horton, Sue Noy and to everyone else who helped before and after the event. Our Volunteers enjoyed a magnificent lunch before preparing a delicious minestrone for the returning rogainers.

A Rogaine for everyone.

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Uncle Fred’s Rogaine – The Nigel Aylott 24hr Victorian Rogaining Championships / 6hr Rogaine

, Saturday 9 September 2023

(L-R) Second Place: Callum White, Glen White; First Place: Paul Monks, Alaster Meehan; Third Place: Xanda Kolesnikow, Ivan Koudashev

[Updated] The 45th Victorian Rogaining Championships has been a long time in the making with the course for this event being set in preparation for the 2020 season. As we all know, a global pandemic caused havoc to our 2020 and 2021 seasons and with the Australian Championships being held in place of the Vic champs last year, this year was finally a chance for the Kooyoora State Park’s beautiful wildflowers to shine.

Congratulations to Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks for taking out the Nigel Aylott 24hr Victorian Rogaining Championships. Our top three podium was:-

  • Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks.(3620)
  • Glen White, Callum White.(3460)
  • Xanda Kolesnikow, Ivan Koudashev.(3440)

The winners in each category for the championships are:-

  • Overall, Mens, Mens Veterans: Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks.(3620)
  • Womens, Womens Veterans: Shelley Bambrook, Eibhlin Fletcher.(3430)
  • Mixed, Mixed Veterans: Helen Steenbergen, Ed Steenbergen.(3260)
  • Mens Super Veterans, Mens Ultra Veterans: Mervyn Trease, Vic Sedunary.(2920)
  • Male Under 23: Ewan Bezzobs, Nicholas Kluckow.(2490)
  • Mixed Super Veterans: Phil Giddings, Helen Robinson.(2180)
  • Mixed Ultra Veterans: Paula Horton, Steve Horton.(1770)
  • Mixed Under 23: Elijah Lewis, Lily Barnes, Elizabeth Gardiner.(1740)
  • Womens Super Veterans: Dianne Hebard, Anneke Thomson.(1480)

The University Challenge was won by the University of Melbourne, Nicholas Kluckow and Ewan Bezzobs (2490).

For our 6 hour event the chocolates went to Adrian Harper, Joel Claxton with an impressive 1240 points. For the 6hr event our podium was:-

  • Adrian Harper, Joel Claxton.(1280)
  • Genevieve Johnstone, Wayne Merry, Alan Cooke.(1020)
  • Carl Tomczak, Michael Cushion.(950)

As always, these events are only possible with the amazing work from our most wonderful volunteers. Thanks to Rob Taylor, Graham Anderson and Rod Gray for setting such a great event and waiting patiently for the opportunity to share it with all of us. Thanks also to Grant Jeffrey, Monica Raphael, Lorraine Morgan, Phil Jelliff, Richard Homburg, Neil Phillips, Arthur Day, Norm O’Bryan, Sue Noy, Rod Gray, Steven Noy, Lisa Noy, Simin Ngan, Elizabeth Dornom, Gen Johnstone and Leanne Allen along with all those who pitched in to lend a hand before and after the event.

Click Download Results to see the detailed breakdown of how you did on the event.

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  • 24hr Results - Updated (Excel) - 18 KB - Download
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  • 24hr Tags - Updated (Zip) - 245 KB - Download
  • 6hr Tags Updated (Zip) - 256 KB - Download
  • 6hr Results Updated (PDF) - 255 KB - Download
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Snowgaine Mt St Gwinear (Jul or Aug-2023)


Unfortunately cancelled for 2023 due to lack of snow 🙁

Anchors Aweigh Metrogaine (6th August 2023)

, Sunday 6 August 2023

What a lovely day for a rogaine! We had a massive turnout for the Anchors Aweigh 4 hour Rogaine and by all reports everyone had a brilliant time scouring Williamstown and its surrounds for the abundance of checkpoints. Welcome to all of the new rogainers who got out for their first event – everyone in the rogaining community hopes you had a great day out in the streets.

A massive thanks to all our volunteers, Gayle Cowling and Karen Robinson for setting such a fun course in a great location, and especially Phil Giddings for all the hard work put into organising the event.

Congratulations to Andrew Baker and Greg Robinson who smashed out an amazing 4630 points. To see how you did, click on the link to the full results table.

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  • Anchors Aweigh Metorgaine Results (Excel) - 29 KB - Download
  • Anchors Aweigh Metorgaine Results (PDF) - 92 KB - Download

The (Red)Castle 2x6hr Rogaine (1st & 2nd July 2023)

, Saturday 1 July 2023 , Sunday 2 July 2023

For the first time in a while, the weather was kind for a bush rogaine as hundreds of competitors descended on Redcastle for two glorious days of classic point to point bush rogaining. With the marked tracks proving to be deceiving and the terrain features subtle, the best approach was to trust in pace and bearing as you navigated the open forests.

As always, rogaining can’t happen without the tireless work of our volunteers, with special mention to Simin and David who set the course, and both filled a number of other roles over the weekend. To the many other people who stepped up and helped out, we thank you – I’m sure you will all agree it was a fun way to spend the day helping out our great community. Additionally, this month we had a great turn out of newer rogainers seeking guidance from a number of experienced coaches on our Sunday event.

Congratulations to our Saturday winners Shelley Bambrook, Elizabeth Dornom with an impressive 1640 points on our Saturday Event. For Sunday, well done Charlotte Petersen, Michael Mccluskey for taking out the victory with 1310 points.

For details of where everyone placed and to see your individual scores, click the download link above for the event.

  • 6hr | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Saturday Results Table (Excel) - 23 KB - Download
  • Saturday Results Table (PDF) - 297 KB - Download
  • (Saturday) Individual Tags for everyone that missed out on your printouts. - 341 KB - Download
  • Sunday Results Table (Excel) - 18 KB - Download
  • Sunday Results Table (PDF) - 214 KB - Download
  • (Sunday) Individual Tags - 239 KB - Download

Bald Hill 6hr Day + 6hr Night Rogaine (3rd June 2023)

, Saturday 3 June 2023

Blad Hill proved to be a great course for our relatively new day/night/combined 6hour Rogaine event. We had a large number of teams attempting the day event and a good number that returned to do the course again at night. We even had a few teams that took the rare opportunity to do a night only Rogaine, especially those gave it a go for the first time. The inclusion of some hot soup and pasta was very much appreciated, especially by the late finishers.

As always, a big thanks goes out to all of our volunteers with special mention to John who did a great job setting the course.

Congratulations to the winners of each of the three categories!

Click Download Results to get the full results


Day Event (6hr)

1800 Tim Boote, Narelle Crozier.
1570 Elizabeth Dornom, Gill Fowler.
1560 Joel Claxton, Dave Jennings.


Night Event (6hr)

1200 Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks.
870 Mervyn Trease, Vic Sedunary, Andrew Baker.
640 Andrew Piddington, Derek Morris.


Combine Event (Day + Night)

2720 Eibhlin Fletcher, Shelley Bambrook.
2690 Elizabeth Dornom, Gill Fowler.
2200 Ed Steenbergen, Helen Steenbergen.

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  • Results for Day Event (XLSX) - 25 KB - Download
  • Results for Day Event (PDF) - 85 KB - Download
  • Day Event Tags and Results (Zip) - 385 KB - Download
  • Results for Combined Event (XLSX) - 13 KB - Download
  • Results for Combined Event (PDF) - 47 KB - Download
  • Combined Event Tags and Results (Zip) - 110 KB - Download
  • Results for Night Event (XLSX) - 12 KB - Download
  • Results for Night Event (PDF) - 41 KB - Download
  • Night Event Tags and Results (Zip) - 71 KB - Download

Public 2x6hr Rogaine (6th & 7th May 2023) and Schools, Scouts and Cadets Rogaine (7th May 2023)

, Saturday 6 May 2023 , Sunday 7 May 2023

Despite the threat of a very wet weekend, Creswick produced a cold but spectacular weekend for our annual Schools, Scouts and Cadets Rogaine. It was universally acknowledged that the course was fast, fun and beautiful. Congratulations to Steve Denness and Rodney Polkinghorne who accumulated an impressive 2250 points despite being a few minutes late to win our Saturday 6 hour event. On the Sunday, we had Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks and the chaotic Eric Lambers pulling off the amazing result of clearing the course for 2350 points, but doing so with more than 50 minutes to spare! Finally, in the Schools, Scouts and Cadets Rogaine we had Michael Wang, Peter Xu and Dane Villaruel of the Australian Airforce Cadets of Squadron 415 taking out the chocolates!

For full results, go to the event and click on the relevant links to see how you did!

As always, these events are not possible without the support of all of our volunteers. A massive thanks to Geoff Hudson who pulled off a great event with his usual charm and panache. And to our army of volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday, it was great to spend the weekend with you to get this event over the line!

  • 6hr | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Schools, Cadets and Scouts Results (PDF) - 428 KB - Download
  • Schools, Cadets and Scouts Results (XLS) - 15 KB - Download
  • Schools, Cadets and Scouts Tags (zip) - 446 KB - Download
  • Saturday 6hr Results (PDF) - 471 KB - Download
  • Saturday 6hr Results (XLS) - 20 KB - Download
  • Saturday 6hr Tags (Zip) - 578 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6hr Results (PDF) - 460 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6hr Results (XLS) - 18 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6hr Tags (Zip) - 540 KB - Download

EVENT CANCELLED – 1st April 6/12hr Bush Rogaine

, Saturday 1 April 2023

CBD-gaine (5th March 2023)

, Sunday 5 March 2023

#Results Updated#

A big thanks to everyone who came out to the CBD-gaine in the heat today. It was a great course and there were plenty of options for all levels. A big thanks to all our awesome volunteers for their work setting and checking the course, and helping setup, run the event and pack down today and especially Marcelle.

Almost 500 (494) Rogainers enjoyed a lovely sunny day exploring Melbourne. Thank you for all the great feedback. Congratulations to Greg Robinson and Andrew Baker who were clear overall winners on the day with 4570 points out of the possible 5410 points. In second place we had Kate Gavens and Tom Lothian and Elizabeth Dornom and Lesa Muir third overall.

If you are interested in Greg and Andrew’s approach please see their facebook post below

Facebook post with winning team strategy

Mt Stirling 5hr Bush Tracks Rogaine – (19th November 2022)

, Saturday 19 November 2022

Our last event for the year was a little smaller than normal with many of our regulars still recovering from the Rogaining championships the previous month. Despite that, everyone that competed or volunteered for the event had a really good time in the mountainous terrain of Mount Stirling and surrounds. We had a bit of rain halfway though the event but overall we were fairly lucky as the bad weather certainly set in after we were done.

Congratulations to Shelley Bambrook and Elizabeth Dornom who were our overall winners by a decent margin. A big shout-out to Xavier and Oliver Hall who did an amazing job as our only Junior team, giving most other teams a run for their money.

As always, a huge thanks to all our Volunteers, especially Ed and Helen who set the event, Steve and Martina who vetted and paced the checkpoints and the rest of the crew who got this great little event up and running.

24hr Australasian Rogaining Champs & 6 hour bush Rogaines (8th & 9th October 2022)

, Saturday 8 October 2022

Well, what a weekend! With the amount of rain in and around Avoca over the last few weeks, there was a real risk that this event might need to be cancelled. Fortunately mother nature smiled upon us with two very pleasant days for this year’s Australasian Rogaining Championships near Avoca Victoria. It was awesome to have so many local, interstate and international guests come to sample some challenging and steep Rogaining checkpoints set by Merv and Vic in the beautiful but tough Pyrenees State Forest.

A massive thanks go out to Merv and Vic for setting an exemplary championship course and I can’t wait to hear the stories of how competitors chose to tackle such a difficult course. Also, we couldn’t have made this happen without the stewardship of the ever-amazing Greg Robinson who kept the troops calm when things went wrong. As with all these events, they are a team effort and require careful planning and precision execution on the day. To Karen, Steven G, Sarah, Duncan, Stephen H, Martina, Ian, Grant, Simin, David, Sue, Norm, Kelly, Bev, Tina, Hannah, Neil, Robbie, Annie, Michael, Di B, Di Y, Richard, Donelda (our Tassie superstar), Monica, Paula, Steve, Arthur, Peter, Ainslie, Don, John and all those that put their hand up to help on the day, we couldn’t have done it without you. You are the soul of Rogaining and the reason we can run these events.

Congratulations to David Baldwin and Julie Quinn who are our new Australasian Champions with a decisive 3200 points. For full results, please explore the links provided (Download Results) which show both the 24-hour and 6hour events and allow you to explore the routes chosen by all of our competitors in both events.

  • 24hr Vic Champs | 6hr | Australasian Rogaining Championhips | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Results for the Australasian Rogaining Championships 24 hour bush event (Excel) - 24 KB - Download
  • Results for the Australasian Rogaining Championships 24 hour bush event (PDF) - 81 KB - Download
  • Results for the 6 hour bush event (Excel) - 18 KB - Download
  • Results for the 6 hour bush event (PDF) - 60 KB - Download
  • Tag Files for Australasian Rogaining Championships 24 hour bush event (Zip) - 417 KB - Download
  • Tag Files for 6 hour bush event (Zip) - 218 KB - Download
  • University Winners for ARC (text file) - 618 B - Download
  • ARC State Results Summary - 7 KB - Download

Pure Goldgaine (10th September 2022)

, Saturday 10 September 2022

Thanks for your patience in awaiting the results for our latest Rogaine. It took a little longer than normal to produce the results as checkpoint 30 was unfortunately stolen. The point was replaced once we discovered that it had gone missing but we had check every score to find the teams that went to 30 before it was replaced. All the teams with a blue flash on their team number were awarded the 30 point as we believe they passed though before it was replaced. If you believe that we missed the extra 30 points for your team drop us an email to and we will correct it for you.

Congratulations to Paul Monks and Alaster Meehan who claimed victory in the 12 hour event with an amazing 2140 points and to Coulson Travis and Luke Haines with an equally impressive 1440 points in the 6 hour event. For the full results, please click on ‘Download Results’. We have also included the detailed tag printouts for each team if you want to see the route you or another team took.

A massive thanks go out to everyone who volunteered for this event. Without our volunteers these events would not be possible. A special acknowledgment goes out to Sally, Robbie and Annie who stepped to some of the key roles at the last moment. Thanks always to Wayne Merry who set and coordinated another great event.

Beach Roadgaine (14th August 2022)

, Sunday 14 August 2022

The forecast rain stayed away. The timing and scoring system worked well. The checkpoints were close together and even closer along the beachfront. Congratulation Shelley Bambrook and Elizabeth Dornom who top scored with 5220 points of the possible 5500 points and ran a few meters short of 50km.
A big thanks to Andrew Johnston and Stuart Capel for setting a great event!

Snogaine Mt St Gwinear (20-Aug-2022) CANCELLED

, Saturday 20 August 2022

UPDATE 8th August The snow conditions are not improving at Mt St Gwinear with no significant snow falls being forecast hence we will not be able to place checkpoint on the weekend before. We have closed entries and emailed all teams regarding the refund process. Check for your email or the refund in the account used to pay the entry fee.

NO IDeA Rogaine (16th & 17th July 2022)

, Saturday 16 July 2022 , Sunday 17 July 2022

For those that don’t recall, we were a few days away from the No IDeA Rogaine in 2021 when we had to cancel at the last minute due to another lockdown. It was great to be able to finally compete in this wonderful event set in the Mt Ida range near Heathcote. The bush was gently undulating and fairly sparse making for quick progress but careful navigation. Congratulations to Del Lloyd, Andrew Baker, Jon Sutcliffe and Thor Egerton who took out the overall category win for the Saturday event with 1560 points and Tim Plozza and Hamish Brown who took out the overall category on the Sunday with 1530 points.

Massive thanks go to the two Ronnies (Ron Frederick and Ron Wescott) for setting and coordinating such a fun event. Also a thanks to our large team of volunteers that allowed this event to run so smoothly.

Please click on the event to download the results from each of the events.

  • 6hr | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Saturday 6hr Results (PDF) (correction applied for 3rd place) - 66 KB - Download
  • Saturday 6hr Results (Excel) (correction applied for 3rd place) - 20 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6hr Results (PDF) - 60 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6hr Results (Excel) - 17 KB - Download
  • Saturday Scored Tags - 211 KB - Download
  • Sunday Scored Tags - 168 KB - Download

Monster Meeting Rogaine 6hr Day + 6hr Night (4th June 2022)

, Saturday 4 June 2022

Despite some the cool conditions and persistent rain, our Monster Meeting Rogaine was a huge success. We had a massive number of teams and the day event was the had more than 350 participants on course which is the largest number in several years. Congratulations to Jonathan Sutcliffe and Andrew Baker who won our 6 hour daylight event, Alaster Meehan and Paul Monks who were victorious in the Night Event and Tim Plozza and Gleb Belov who took out the combined day and night event.

A really big thanks to all our volunteers who made a complex event run like clockwork. Thanks to John Gavins and Brad Saunders for coordinating such a wonderful event (with assistance from Mel, Heather, Alan and Stuart). Also a huge thanks goes out to Di Hebard who stepped into the Admin role at the last minute and ran the whole event like a well oiled machine. Also, as shout out to Andrew Seegar who having participated in a few events decided to volunteer for the Navlight role on the most complicated event of the year to score and handled it all like a pro!

Please click on the event to download the results from each of the events.

  • 12hr | 6hr | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Day Event Results (Excel) - 25 KB - Download
  • Day Event Results (PDF) - 79 KB - Download
  • Night Event Results (Excel) - 12 KB - Download
  • Night Event Results (PDF) - 41 KB - Download
  • Combined Day and Night Event Results (Excel) - 13 KB - Download
  • Combined Day and Night Event Results (PDF) - 47 KB - Download
  • Day Event Results Tag Zip - 275 KB - Download
  • Night Event Results Tag Zip - 25 KB - Download
  • Combined Day and Night Event Results Tag Zip - 53 KB - Download
  • Day and Night Event Results Tag (Non Competing) Zip - 17 KB - Download

Autumn 2x6hr Rogaine and Schools, Scouts and Cadets Rogaine (30th April & 1st May 2022)

, Saturday 30 April 2022 , Sunday 1 May 2022

Well, what a weekend! Despite a massive downpour of rain on Friday night, we ended up with two wonderful rain free events. Congratulations to Thorlene and Lesa who won our Sunday 6 hour event with an impressive 1720 points and to Deanna and Xanda who won the Saturday 6 hour with the top weekend score of 1830.

For our scouts and cadets teams, everyone put in an amazing effort. Our overall victor and scouts winner was 1st Mt Clear Scouts (Katrina, Tilly & Zoe) with a very impressive 1060 points (remembering that they only had 5 hours for their event). For the cadets our victor was 414 Squadron (Indi, Lily, Saige & Porscha).

For all the results and to see which checkpoints each team visited, click on this event for all the result files.

A massive thanks to Geoff Hudson who did a terrific job running this event. And to all our volunteers, who let’s be clear, we would have no event without, on behalf of the whole rogaining community, thanks so much.

If you are keen to help out at the next event, follow this link and sign up (volunteer).

  • 6hr | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Saturday 6 hour Event (Excel) - 22 KB - Download
  • Saturday 6 hour Event (PDF) - 467 KB - Download
  • School, Scouts and Cadets 5 hour Event (Excel) - 14 KB - Download
  • School, Scouts and Cadets 5 hour Event (PDF) - 427 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6 hour Event (Excel) - 17 KB - Download
  • Sunday 6 hour Event (PDF) - 425 KB - Download
  • Tag print outs - 261 KB - Download

The Postapocalyptogaine 6/12hr Bush Rogaine (2nd April 2022)

, Saturday 2 April 2022

Wow, what an event. Everyone was super keen to get back out into the bush after an extended break between rogaines in Victoria. Despite overcast skies, the rain largely held off for both the shorter 6 hour and longer 12 hour events. The consensus was that the course was tough but fair with fallen timber adding to the competitors’ fatigue towards the end of each event.

Congratulations to Paul Monks & Alaster Meehan who won the 12 hour event with a massive 1960 points, and to Rob Taylor & Rod Gray who won the 6 hour event with a solid 900 points.

A big thanks to all the volunteers before, during and after the event, with a special mention to Rodney Polkinghorne who coordinated the event with aplomb.

Click through to the event details to see full results for this event.

  • 12hr | 6hr | Bush Rogaine - View Event
  • Full 12 hour results (PDF) - 421 KB - Download
  • Full 12 hour results (Excel) - 15 KB - Download
  • Full 6 hour results (PDF) - 488 KB - Download
  • Full 6 hour results (Excel) - 24 KB - Download
  • Tag print outs - 186 KB - Download

CBD-gaine (6th March 2022)

, Sunday 6 March 2022

Well, what a great day! I’m sure you will all agree that it was great to get back out hunting for those checkpoints.

A huge thanks to our amazing event planners and setters and to all the wonderful volunteers that made the day run so smoothly.

Click on the event to see the final results for this event.