Where to begin FAQ

The Basics

The following section answers a lot of questions basic to rogaining.

What sorts of events are there?

Traditionally a rogaine was a 24 hour event. Our championship events are still 24 hours – usually from midday to midday.

Our most popular events are 6 hours long. We also have 8 hour, 12 hour and sometimes 15 hour events.

We hold metrogaines in the suburbs and a CBDgaine in the city. Metrogaines are often held in conjunction with cyclogaines.

In summer the weekly Suburban Adventure Racing series goes for one hour in the eastern suburbs.

Snowgaines and paddlegaines are held occasionally. During Covid19 virtual rogaines were developed and are still available.

Bush events over a weekend often combine several sub-events:  6hr / 12hr, 6hr day + 6hr night, 24hr / 6 hour, 6hr Saturday & 6hr Sunday are common combinations.

What equipment is needed?

Most rogaines have mandatory equipment that must be carried for safety. Checks are made at the start of an event. The list will be published in the Final Instructions for each event.

There more detailed suggestions in the Rogaining Equipment Checklist.

What does it cost?

Entry fees vary between events. Adult fees apply to entrants 18 years and over.

Junior fees apply to members under 18. Junior entry is free if there is an adult in the team. The lower fee applies where all team members are under 18.

The entry system calculates the amounts owed for the team entry.

What are the team categories?
Teams are placed in two or more categories based on genderage and other conditions.
Men M All members are male
Women W All members are female
Mixed X All other teams (i.e. any team that is not all-male nor all-female)
Age: categories are assigned according to year of birth – this means the age you are turning this year, and the age you will be on the 31st December of this year
Under 23 23 All members must be 23 years of age or under
Veteran V All members must be 45 years of age or over
Super Veteran S All members must be 55 years of age or over
Ultra Veteran UV All members must be 65 years of age or over
Open   Teams that do not qualify for 23, V, S nor UV categories
Other categories – indicate on the entry form if these conditions apply to your team
Family F At least one member under 18 + at least one adult member (18 or older) who is related over another generation e.g. parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle (cannot be siblings or first cousins)
Novice N At least 2 members are participating in their first rogaine
University Uni All members must be students of the same tertiary institution
Team categories are assigned based on details provided when your team is entered. Please ensure that these are correct.
From 1st January 2024, age categories will be determined by year of birth rather than date of birth. For example, if you and all of your teammates have turned 55 (or older) by the end of 2024, you will qualify for Superveterans for all of the events in 2024 even if you don’t turn 55 until late in the year.
The results are published using the above codes, e.g. Mixed Super Veterans is XSV. 
When do I enter?

Entries usually open about 2 or 3 weeks before an event.

Entries close a day or two before the event.

Team members can be added online until the entry closing date. After this, additions to teams can be made by emailing admin@rogainevic.org.au or processed at Event Admin on the day.


How do I make changes to my team or withdraw?

You can make team changes by using the changes button until entries close. After that time Event Admin can make changes.

You can add team members, delete any or all team members, change details and change from one sub-event to another (eg from 6 hr to 12 hr).

If the changes result in additional fees, payment must be made before the changes are registered. If a refund is needed it will be made to the card used for the initial payment. Our volunteers will try to process refunds promptly. Our payment gateway says refunds take from 2 to 7 days to appear on your statement. We have no control over this.

What is the refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found here.

What catering is provided?

On the bush events we provide water out on course at marked water drops. Do not drink water from streams found on course.

We also like to provide something to eat at the end, particularly for the longer events.

For bush events we normally ask local service clubs to provide a sausage sizzle.

For the longer events we like to provide a meal with more choice but this depends on volunteers being prepared to contribute. We aim to provide vegetarian and gluten free options when possible but we cannot cater for food allergies or intolerances.

Details are provided in the Final Instructions for each event.

When will the team lists be available?

Team lists and Final Instructions are posted on the website on the Tuesday before the event.

Final Instructions include the directions for getting to the start of the event, and helpful information about the terrain and equipment to bring.

Team lists include your team number required for the Indemnity Form and to check in at the event.

What are the rules?

The rules of rogaining are set by the Australian Rogaining Association. They can be seen by following the link: Rules and Standards

Some rules we emphasise are:

  • Members of a team shall remain within unaided verbal contact of one another at all times whilst on the course.
  • All team members shall simultaneously approach to within 5m of each checkpoint for which points are claimed.
  • Competitors must not rest within 100m of a checkpoint unless the checkpoint is also a water drop.
Where do I get the Indemnity Form?

For your convenience, a copy of the Indemnity Form will be provided with the Final Instructions. Please download and sign this form before you register on the event day. We require all team members to complete and sign this form and hand it to Administration upon entering.

What is biosecurity and why is it relevant?

Rogainers love the land we visit. We try and leave no trace of our presence. We take nothing but memories and any rubbish we find. We do not want to introduce pests and diseases.

Some rural communities are wary of visitors – we need to ensure we allay their concerns so we can continue to access the areas good for rogaining.


Visitors to rogaining areas can bring in destructive insects, invasive plants or diseases that affect the bush or farmland.

These can be introduced by dirt on shoes, clothing or equipment or on vehicles.



  • Check that your shoes, gaiters and socks are free of seeds and dirt before you leave home. Most animal diseases can spread in organic material such as mud on boots or other equipment.
  • Boot baths may be used at the start of some events. You need to put both feet in and remain there for a few seconds.
  • Some areas of our maps are marked out of bounds for biosecurity reasons. Never enter an out of bounds area.
  • After the event thoroughly clean and dry your equipment and car.
  • Cats and dogs are not allowed at the Hash House or on course.

For more info, also see our sheet Biosecurity in Rogaining.

Why are we here?

To Learn and have a good time.