Looking to enter your first rogaine event or rise to the top of field? You’re in the right place. Delivered by experienced rogainers, our training is designed to you sharpen your skills and get out there with confidence.
We try and schedule some training days each year. These are published on our website and in newsletters. They are likely to be on weekends when we hold an event on a Saturday and a Sunday. Look at our calendar and book early.
We want to assist interested rogainers (past, present and future) develop their rogaining skills. To do this we need to identify what skills training rogainers need, what rogainer coaches can teach and what delivery methods are preferred by trainees and coaches. The survey should only take 2 to 3 minutes.

To receive skills

To provide coaching

Meanwhile, checkout our resources below for a collection of handy guides. Start with our guide:

Rogaining Basics

Here are the various phases involved in an event.

Entering an Event

Bookings generally open 3 weeks before an event and close about 12 days before the event.  Teams have between 2 to 5 members. 

There are more details in How to Enter.

Final Instructions

On the Tuesday before the event download the Final Instructions.  These give details the starting place, directions and other necessary information and have an indemnity form.  The indemnity must be completed and signed by each adult team member and for each junior member.  Look up your team number to complete the indemnity and to speed up registration. 

Travel to the event and park

Travel to the event, park where directed and all team members go to the registration marquee.  Plan to arrive 1 to 2 hours before the event to allow plenty of time to register and plan your route.  Parking is often limited – we encourage car sharing. On 24 hour events we arrange some form of group transport.

Registration / check in

Show any mandatory equipment at the inspection point.

Hand in your indemnity form.

Receive maps, descriptions of checkpoints and an intentions sheet.

Receive navlight tags.  Attach to your wrist and check they are working. (Bush events only).

Mark any last-minute map changes onto your map.


Plan the route you want to follow.  When happy with your plan mark your intended route onto the Intentions Sheet (AKA flight plan) and mark your direction of travel.  Enter your team number, car registration and phone number.

Flight plans are used if your team is late back and we need to contact you or start a search.  Hand in your intentions sheet at the briefing 15 mins before start.  You can deviate from the route on the intentions sheet but it is best not to ignore it.


About 15 minutes before the start time  move to the Start Coral.

For bush events, at the entrance hand in your intentions sheet and have your navlight tags activated.  This starts the scoring system.

Listen to hints about the course.

At Metrogaines you collect your score sheet immediately after the start from the “washing line”


Get back to the hash house at the finish point at any time before the official end time.  Teams are penalised points for every minute they are late.

If you are running late and expect to miss the deadline please contact the event coordinator – use the phone number printed on the map.  If you can’t make a call, send a text instead – it is easier for text messages to get through.

At the finish of bush events:

  1. Your navlight tag will be punched to give a finish time.
  2. The tags will cut from your wrist.
  3. They will be read by the computer.
  4. Your results will be printed and handed to you
  5. Catering – In remote areas catering might be provided. Collect your plates, bowl, mug and chair.  Line up to be served a good feed.  Sit, relax and socialise.  Celebrate the fun you had.
  6. Help the volunteers pack up.
Travel home and clean up

After the event travel home.

Clean any soil or seeds from your equipment and car.  This will help reduce the risk of the spread of pests and diseases


Look up the results on website.  Results are usually published within a day or two.

Enter or Volunteer

Enter or volunteer to help for the next event.  Entries are usually open about a week of the last event.

Training Resources