Parts of a map

Parts of a map

We provide a specially printed map for each event. The following sections explain what appears on rogaining maps. It is useful to learn what the symbols are and to use them in planning your route and while on course.


This tells you what distance on the ground is represented by a length on the map. Use it to estimate how far your route is likely to be.

The distance between grid lines is usually 1km.


The legend tells you what features on the ground are represented on the map.


Control descriptions

These tell you what feature the control is on. It helps to know where to look for your checkpoint.

Grid to magnetic angle

On many maps we use grid lines aligned to Grid North rather than Magnetic North. It helps with navigation to know what the deviation is.

The mapped area

Contour interval

Often marked as 10m or 20m. Allows you to estimate how high you must climb or descend. How close the brown lines are tells you how steep the country is.

Emergency phone number

An emergency number is on all competition event maps. If you need assistance, try calling the number. If you have problems with an actual call, send a message. Text messages work sometimes when calls do not get through.

Who contributed to this event

Rogaines are run by volunteers who help in all sorts of ways. We thank them all and ask for all rogainers to help however they can.