Victorian Rogaine Events

Rogaining is a sport for 2-99 year olds who enjoy the challenge of being outdoors. Whether you want to run, walk, picnic or simply camp at one of our overnight events we would love to see you.

Upcoming Events

, Saturday 1 April 2023

April 6/12hr Bush Rogaine (1st April 2023)

Back to the forest for some bush Roagining.  We are searching for a location in the Central Highlands and Gold Fields area and will provide an update once a site is selected.  This will be both a 6hr and 12hr format most likely starting at 11am

, Saturday 3 June 2023

June 6hr Day + 6hr Night Rogaine (3rd June 2023)

We are planning for this event in the Enfield State Forest south of Ballarat.  This is a 6hr all-daylight Rogaine starting at 10am Saturday and a 6hr all-dark Rogaine starting afterwards at 6pm, with the option to do either event, or both events.