Metrogaine (11th August 2024)

Metrogaine (11th August 2024)

Foot Metrogaine - Sunday 11 August 2024

Event Details

This will be a 4hr foot metrogaine that will be located in an area of Melbourne with coffee shops on course, and with over 80 checkpoints. It will be a low cost event and you can walk, run, or use public transport around the course, but there is no cycling or the use of scooters.

It will be an event perfect for novices, and for families requiring pram friendly streets and playgrounds. (Normally, 100 point checkpoints are at playgrounds.) This would be a great way to introduce friends to rogaining and, in particular, our dear friends in the orienteering community are more than welcome to join in the fun.

The exact start location is yet to be determined.

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How a Metrogaine works
The course uses question and multiple-choice answer checkpoints. The questions are intended to confirm your visit to the checkpoint and not test your IQ. Checkpoints are set on points of interest as much as possible. Find the location on the map then find the answer to the question matching a multiple-choice answer. Then mark off A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Volunteers Required
Rogaines are run entirely by volunteers, and we’ll need help with this event! If you’d like to volunteer for a role, sign up here.


The map will be based on the Melway. The map size is yet to be determined but will be no larger than SRA3, scale of 1:20,000 (5cm = 1km) printed on non waterproof paper. The answer sheet will be A4 printed on waterproof paper. The questions will be 2 A4 double-sided sheets printed on non-waterproof paper. All the street names are included but there are no contours.

Entry details

Entries will open by Thursday 18th July.

Entries close 11:59pm Friday 9th August.

No new teams will be accepted after online entries close.

Event Entry Fees

Adults $25
Juniors (under 18) $15, free entry when in a team with an adult.

Final Instructions and Start location

Final instructions including the start location will be available on the home page from Tuesday 6th August.
The event Indemnity Form is to be signed by all team members and handed in at registration.

No pets are allowed on rogaines and this applies to our metrogaine events as well.

Event Timeline

We will have three wave starts. This is to keep the numbers manageable for each wave enabling easier timing of teams at the finish. We would like the teams expecting to score high to start in early waves as we know these teams take longer to check their score sheet at the end. (Fast on their feet but not so fast at checking!)

You can decide which wave you start in on the day.

Likely event timing:
8:00 am      Registration opens and maps issued
8:45 am      Arrive for the first wave start and briefing
9:00 am      First wave starts
9:15 am      Arrive for the second wave start and briefing
9:30 am      Second wave starts
9:45 am      Arrive for the third wave start and briefing
10:00 am    Third wave starts
1:00 pm      First wave finish
1:30 pm      Second wave finish
2:00 pm      Third wave finish

Results will be read as soon as possible after the finish, probably around 2:30pm. For the results read on the day, teams in the third wave will only be allowed 5 minutes to hand in score sheets. Late score sheets will be included in the final results on the website. If you hope to get a prize chocolate, start early please.


This is a metropolitan event - no camping at the Hash House.

Hash House Meal

No catering will be provided. There will be shops on course.

Course Enquiries

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Online Entry Assistance

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