Enjoy the challenge of exploring new places? Love being outdoors? Want to give your strategic brain a workout?

Rogaining is the sport for you. Grab one or more team mates and join our next event to see where the map takes you. Adventure is guaranteed!

Event Cancellation

Monday 20 September 2021

Unfortunately, we must cancel the remaining Rogaine for 2021 due to Covid Restrictions and will plan to recommence in 2022 with a CDBgaine.

24hr Victoria Rogaining Championship & 6hr  16-Oct

We have had to cancel this Rogaine as planning work cannot progress to be ready to run the event and the Road Map out of lockdown announce 19-Sep will prevent anyone from Melbourne getting there on the day.

2 x 6hr Marysville Bush Tracks Rogaine  20-Nov.

We have had to cancel this Rogaine as planning work cannot progress to be ready to run the event.   The Road Map out of lockdown announce 19-Sep will allow event however at best we’ll only be able to get to the event area 2 weeks prior to the event.  That is insufficient time to do the planning.


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Upcoming Events

Bush Tracks Rogaine – 21st & 22nd November 2x6hr

Saturday 20 November 2021, Sunday 21 November 2021,

We must cancel the November 2 x 6hr Bush Tracks Rogaine planned for Marysville due to Covid restrictions. 
Thank you Nick and Rod for work completed and we try again in a future year.


Future Events

Latest Results

24hr Vic Championship & 6hr Non Championship Rogaine 16th October

, Saturday 16 October 2021, Saturday 16 October 2021

Past Events

Latest News

New website for Rogaining Victoria

New website for Rogaining Victoria

As you can see, we have a new website. Our objectives were to develop a site that works on the newer devices, update content and to make information about rogaining more accessible and comprehensive. There has been a massive amount of work to bring it to this stage.  We realise some content still needs to […]

Review of Catering

Review of Catering

As you know we are a volunteer led organisation.  Catering in the traditional manner at rogaines has become too difficult. The Catering Manager’s role is too complex so it is hard to get volunteers. Traditional catering needs a large team of volunteers Food temperature recording requirements are too onerous. We cannot carry the traditional catering […]

ISOGAINES now available

ISOGAINES now available

IsoGaine is a series of navigational exercises using Maprun App for walkers, runners and cyclists on suburban streets. The first courses have been released in the Box Hill and Blackburn areas;  You can start at any point, and at any time, and your first control becomes your start/finish area.  Most other committee positions have not changed.