How to Enter

How to create a user profile and enter a team - Overview

Our system is hosted by the Queensland Rogaining Association.  You will see references to them in the URLs but this is normal. Their branding might appear on profile pages.  History from membership before 2022 has not been brought into the new system.

The sequence listed here for new users is explained below in more detail

  • Gather team member details to make entry easy
  • Create a profile
  • Register your details
  • Remember your email and password
  • Login
  • Add team members
  • Complete required details and pay
  • Submit

Those who have previously created a profile gather team details and then log in.

Gather team member details

It will save time if you gather these details first:

  • Names – first and last
  • Contact phone number
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Email Address and whether they want to be added to our email list
  • Emergency Contact details
Create a profile

To create a profile click on the Register button. Then you will need to enter

  • Email
  • First and Last names
  • Password
  • Phone
  • Gender – used to determine team category
  • Date of Birth – used to determine age category
  • Student (not used in Victoria)
  • Are you a vegetarian?
  • Emergency contact – we need a name and phone number.

Profile data is used only to help you make team changes and register teams in future events.  Rogaine Association people do not have access to this data.

Our entry system is hosted by the Queensland Rogaining Association so you might notice their URLs.  This is normal but unavoidable.





Enter required details for your profile

These details are simply used to pre-populate member details.  Rogaine Victoria does not have access to prolfiles.

  • Email
  • First and Last name
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Student (not used in Victoria)
  • Vegetarian
  • Emergency contact – please enter name and phone number
  • Submit
Log in

Enter your profile email and password

Your details as team contact will be pre-populated.  You can make changes to these details and save the changes for yourself and regular team members. Save changes.

Add team member details for all team members
  • First and Last names
  • Gender – used to set category
  • Date of birth – used to set age category
  • Email of team entrant.  We like to keep in touch – say ‘yes’ to add to mailing list
  • Phone number
  • If paying by voucher, enter the voucher number
  • Possibly save this person as a regular team member.  Saving this will save you time in future. We do not have access to this data
  • The other fields will be calculated by the system
Complete required team details
  • Family teams include at least one family member under 18 and are all related
  • Novice teams are where all members are rogaining for the first time
  • Check the accuracy of the email used for confirmation of your booking
  • We usually need a car registration.  This is a safety thing – we look for this when teams are late in checking back at the Hash House.
  • Pay by credit or debit card.  There is an unusual requirement with payments for  postcode: any 4 digit numeric will work  eg 3000. Payments are made through Square which is a secure payment gateway. Card details are not stored in any of our systems.
Complete registration press the Submit button

Press the submit button.  You will receive a screen confirmation of your entry and an email will be sent with all details you submitted.

Payments will appear on your card statement as “SQ *ROGAINE VIC…”