The (Red)Castle 2x6hr Rogaine (1 & 2 July 2023)

Saturday 6hr - Saturday 1 July 2023

Sunday 6hr - Sunday 2 July 2023

For the first time in a while, the weather was kind for a bush rogaine as hundreds of competitors descended on Redcastle for two glorious days of classic point to point bush rogaining. With the marked tracks proving to be deceiving and the terrain features subtle, the best approach was to trust in pace and bearing as you navigated the open forests.

As always, rogaining can’t happen without the tireless work of our volunteers, with special mention to Simin and David who set the course, and both filled a number of other roles over the weekend. To the many other people who stepped up and helped out, we thank you – I’m sure you will all agree it was a fun way to spend the day helping out our great community. Additionally, this month we had a great turn out of newer rogainers seeking guidance from a number of experienced coaches on our Sunday event.

Congratulations to our Saturday winners Shelley Bambrook, Elizabeth Dornom with an impressive 1640 points on our Saturday Event. For Sunday, well done Charlotte Petersen, Michael Mccluskey for taking out the victory with 1310 points.

For details of where everyone placed and to see your individual scores, check out the links for both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Results Table (Excel)
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Saturday Results Table (PDF)
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(Saturday) Individual Tags for everyone that missed out on your printouts.
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Sunday Results Table (Excel)
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Sunday Results Table (PDF)
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(Sunday) Individual Tags
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