July 2x6hr Rogaine (1st & 2nd July 2023)

July 2x6hr Rogaine (1st & 2nd July 2023)

Saturday 6hr - Saturday 1 July 2023

Admin Opens:8:00 am , Event Start:10:00 am, Event Finish:4:00 pm Duration:6 hours

Sunday 6hr - Sunday 2 July 2023

Admin Opens:8:00 am , Event Start:10:00 am, Event Finish:4:00 pm Duration:6 hours

Note: in the entry system the ‘Event Date’ for this will show as 1/7/2023.


Event Details

A winter 2x6hr Rogaine at Redcastle north of Heathcote with the course area in the Redcastle – Greytown State Forest and Heathcote Graytown National Park.  The area has no large hills.  The altitude gain from lowest point to highest point is around 80 metres.  There are many tracks which will close in around the hash house which should make the event suitable for families with buggies.

Sunday Training Rogaine.
On Sunday 2 July we are going to create teams for new Rogainers and arrange an experience Rogainers to travel with your team to provide coaching.  People we are inviting to register for this training are people new to bush navigation or those who have tried some Rogaining however often failing to find checkpoints.   This is not intended as skills development to achieve higher results.
Teams wishing to learn navigation will be invited to register their interest via a link (to be available from here soon).  As we confirm the availability of coaches we will invite those registered to enter via a link sent by email.   First register will be first invited to enter.  If you are a group of friends, register as a group and we’ll keep you together.  The training teams will score results in the Sunday Rogaine however the focus is on learning not scoring.  For these training teams ,you will be able to register as an individual as we will create teams of 3 to 5 people to allocate you a coach.
Note:  Due to Working With Children’s requirements we ask that all participants be over 18 please.

Volunteers Required
Every event needs volunteers.  With this 2 x 6hr format you can volunteer one day and compete the other day.  You can volunteer to assist with the start only and compete on the day or just go for a casual walk of to visit a few CP while it is quiet at he hash house.  We’d like to get the key roles filled 2 to 4 weeks before the event.  Check the Volunteer Roster for roles still vacant.   CP Placers, Admin Manager, Navlight Manager and Equipment manager are key roles to be filled early.
The Volunteer Roster is normally within a few days of the latest.  It’s not automated as work is required to do that.  If you can assist with developing an app to do this please contact us.
The Start Only General Helper role may be done by a team who are competing.  One doing the volunteer role while the other can do last minute event preparation and the team members swap over a couple of times during the morning.   Volunteer without missing out on doing the event.

Registration Date:09/06/2023,

Location Description

Redcastle-Graytown State Forest approximately 19 km NE of Heathcote. The course area is all open forest, spur and gully terrain with no big climbs. Travel distance from Melbourne CBD is 140km via Heathcote.


Likely to be a 1:25,000 printed on A3 non-waterproof paper.

Entry details

Entries will open by 9th June 2023 with late fees applicable after Friday 23th June. Entries will close about Wednesday 28th June.

Once entries close, online changes will no longer be possible and no new team entries will be accepted – this includes no new team entries on the day.

Event Entry Fees

Adults $40
Junior (under 18) $25 / Free entry when in a team with an adult

Late fee (for entries after 23rd July) $20

Final Instructions and Start location

Final instructions will be available on the VRA website from Tuesday 27th June. The final instructions will include details of the start location, how to get there, important information about the event and the indemnity form.
Please print out and complete the Indemnity Form and ensure you bring it to the event. All team members must sign the form.
Please note that no pets are allowed at Rogaines either on course or at the Hash House.
Please read our information about Biosecurity in Rogaining and make sure your equipment is clean before you leave home.

Mandatory equipment

Each team member must carry a compass, a whistle and a headlamp or torch. Lights and compasses on smartphones do not meet this requirement and will not be allowed.

Each team must also carry a mobile phone and a first aid kit. This should contain as a minimum
- 1 heavyweight compression bandage for snakebites
- 1 roller bandage
- 1 triangular bandage (or blood absorbent cotton pads)
- sticking plaster
- VRA first aid instruction sheet
These are available from Event Admin if needed.

There will be an equipment check before registration.

Event Timeline

8:00am     Admin opens for registration, map and Navlight collection
9:45am     Briefing – all must attend
10:00am   Rogaine starts
3:00pm     Sausage sizzle opens
4:00pm     Rogaine finishes
4:10pm    Time to gather for presentation.  Note: we now plan to do presentation based on teams that have finished.  It is possible a late finishing team could still win a category however be omitted from presentation.   (be on time if you want a prize chocolate) Late teams will be included in the results that appear on the web


Camping at the Hash House will be available with access to portloos. The nearest accommodation will be at Heathcote.

Hash House Meal

A sausage sizzle will be provided at the end of the event by a service club.

Hot water, tea, coffee, and Milo will also be available. Please bring your own mug.

Admin Manager

TBA - 0427 012 863 - admin-july@rogainevic.org.au

Online Entry Assistance

Entry Support - - entries@rogainevic.org.au