Australasian Rogaining Championships

Pyrenees Ponder 24hr + 6hr Rogaines

8-9 October 2022

Victoria will hold the Australasian Rogaining 24hr Championships on 8-9th October 2022. There is also a 6 hour non-championship rogaine held on Saturday 8th October.

Event and Location

The Pyrenees Ranges, approximately 220km and 2.5hrs drive northeast of Melbourne. The nearest towns are Avoca (30km), St Arnaud (70km) and Ballarat (100km). 

Further information on accommodation, camping options, amenities, and event schedule is here.


The championship course will cover approx 130 km2 of mostly open native forest and two smallish areas of clear, but fenced, farmland. The course is generally fast but has some areas of light undergrowth (‘prickly shit’, bracken and ‘whipstick’) and fallen/felled trees. All areas are trafficable on foot.

The terrain is flattish/undulating on the lower northern slopes rising steeply to complex spur gully systems, with a relief of 450 metres.

The course has an extensive road and track network. Not all tracks will be marked. The complexity of the terrain will challenge teams’ course planning, fine navigational skills and mental and physical endurance.


Entry, pricing, inclusions, optional bus transport and merchandise information and timelines are detailed here


The 24hr Championship event entrants will receive a complimentary technical t-shirt with entry. The 6hr entrants will receive a complimentary buff with entry.

Entrants may purchase additional merchandise, and details are here.

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