Uncle Fred’s Rogaine – The Nigel Aylott 24hr Victorian Rogaining Championships / 6hr Rogaine

6hr Non-Championship Rogaine - Saturday 9 September 2023

The Nigel Aylott 24hr Victorian Rogaining Championships - Saturday 9 September 2023

(L-R) Second Place: Callum White, Glen White; First Place: Paul Monks, Alaster Meehan; Third Place: Xanda Kolesnikow, Ivan Koudashev

[Updated] The 45th Victorian Rogaining Championships has been a long time in the making with the course for this event being set in preparation for the 2020 season. As we all know, a global pandemic caused havoc to our 2020 and 2021 seasons and with the Australian Championships being held in place of the Vic champs last year, this year was finally a chance for the Kooyoora State Park’s beautiful wildflowers to shine.

Congratulations to Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks for taking out the Nigel Aylott 24hr Victorian Rogaining Championships. Our top three on the podium were:-

  • Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks.(3620)
  • Glen White, Callum White.(3460)
  • Xanda Kolesnikow, Ivan Koudashev.(3440)

The winners in each category for the championships are:-

  • Overall, Mens, Mens Veterans: Alaster Meehan, Paul Monks.(3620)
  • Womens, Womens Veterans: Shelley Bambrook, Eibhlin Fletcher.(3430)
  • Mixed, Mixed Veterans: Helen Steenbergen, Ed Steenbergen.(3260)
  • Mens Super Veterans, Mens Ultra Veterans: Mervyn Trease, Vic Sedunary.(2920)
  • Male Under 23: Ewan Bezzobs, Nicholas Kluckow.(2490)
  • Mixed Super Veterans: Phil Giddings, Helen Robinson.(2180)
  • Mixed Ultra Veterans: Paula Horton, Steve Horton.(1770)
  • Mixed Under 23: Elijah Lewis, Lily Barnes, Elizabeth Gardiner.(1740)
  • Womens Super Veterans: Dianne Hebard, Anneke Thomson.(1480)

The University Challenge was won by the University of Melbourne, Nicholas Kluckow and Ewan Bezzobs (2490).

For our 6 hour event the chocolates went to Adrian Harper, Joel Claxton with an impressive 1240 points. For the 6hr event our top three were:-

  • Adrian Harper, Joel Claxton.(1280)
  • Genevieve Johnstone, Wayne Merry, Alan Cooke.(1020)
  • Carl Tomczak, Michael Cushion.(950)

As always, these events are only possible with the amazing work from our most wonderful volunteers. Thanks to Rob Taylor, Graham Anderson and Rod Gray for setting such a great event and waiting patiently for the opportunity to share it with all of us. Thanks also to Grant Jeffrey, Monica Raphael, Lorraine Morgan, Phil Jelliff, Richard Homburg, Neil Phillips, Arthur Day, Norm O’Bryan, Sue Noy, Rod Gray, Steven Noy, Lisa Noy, Simin Ngan, Elizabeth Dornom, Gen Johnstone and Leanne Allen along with all those who pitched in to lend a hand before and after the event.

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