Schools Rogaines

Annual Schools, Scouts and Cadets Rogaining Championship

Each year we run a Rogaine set and organised with secondary age juniors in mind.  We promote this event to Schools, Scouts & Cadets while it is also open to any under 18 group of friends with an interest in bush navigation.  Close in checkpoints are set to be easy for the less skilled teams while further out the checkpoints will required more navigation skill to find.   While this event is specially promoted to schools, scouts and cadets, all our Rogaines are open to Schools, Scout and Cadets to enter and most have a 6 hour course option available.

These are usually held in May.

Click for the 2023 Schools, Scouts and Cadets Rogaine

A PDF copy of the event map is available to group leaders upon request in the week before the event.  This allows them to spend explain the map and allows teams to plan a course prior to event day.

We ask teams to mark up their intended route on an intentions map and arrive early for team checking.  We check teams for knowledge of how to navigate, mandatory equipment and understanding of important rules before issuing their timing tags.  We may assign an experience Rogainer to travel with some teams that require assistance for some or all of the event.

The event briefing is at 10:15am and event start at 10:30am.   All teams need to return by 3:30 pm where we provide a sausage sizzle while winners are determined and announced.   There are perpetual trophies for the best Scout, Schools and Cadet Groups based on the scores for 2 or 3 teams from each school, patrol or regiment.


Further information is available by contacting Geoff Hudson at Schools Coordinator