Permanent Course Map & Instructions

Rogaining Victoria has established a permanent rogaining course north of Melbourne near Chewton.

Why? The permanent course supports navigation training for anyone at anytime. We encourage you to go and try it.

Getting to the course – Directions to the course are on the map. You may commence your use of the course at any part of the map. Some tracks are 4×4 only and may be impassable after wet weather.

What to bring? – Compass, whistle, first aid kit, which should include a linear bandage, head torch and mobile phone.  Wear and take with you clothing and wet weather gear appropriate for all possible conditions.  Let a responsible person know when and where you are going.

Checkpoints – Check points are generally galvanised metal posts painted red and white.  Some missing posts are noted on the map.  A number, which corresponds to the number on the map, is attached to the post. Please report any missing posts to the VRA.

Enjoy the course and tell others about it.

Risk – RogaineVic takes no responsibility for any person using the permanent course. Care should be taken at all times when using the course.

You must verify the Covid-19 restriction as they apply to you and do not visit this site or act in breach of any of those restrictions.  (Click for DHHS web site for latest restriction levels)

Map – Some areas on the map are out of bounds.  They are marked in pink.  Please do not walk on these areas.

If you agree to these conditions, click on the link and download the file. Use of this map means you agree to the terms and conditions above.

This course was provided with financial assistance from the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund.

The area is controlled by the Department of Environment, Land and Water Planning.