Safety procedures

The VRA has developed many procedures to reduce the risk involved in rogaining and to mitigate their consequences. Some of these are noted below.

Mandatory equipment & Distress signal

Most rogaines have mandatory equipment that must be carried for safety. Checks are made at the start of an event. The list will be published in the Final Instructions for each event.

Whistles are needed in bush events. If your team needs help use your whistle to attract attention. The distress signal is 3 loud blasts.

Hash House phone number

This is printed on every map. Use it to call for help or to advise if you are likely to be late returning to the Hash House. Phone reception cannot be relied on in many places but it is better higher up hills.

If phone calls are not possible, SMS messages might succeed.

Of course, if there is a life threatening issue, call 000 and have your location details ready.

Safety route

On bush events, a safety route is marked on the map (usually in yellow). A vehicle will patrol this route every 2 to 3 hours. If you need assistance, then make your way to this road. The Safety Vehicle will have this sign on its door:

Water on the course

Our bush rogaines have several water drops out on the course. These checkpoints provide water so rogainers can replenish their supply. Please do not risk drinking from streams.

Help to teams in distress

Any team hearing a distress signal (3 blasts on a whistle) must abandon their course and help in any way needed. No team shall be penalised for any rule breached in the course of giving such help.

First aider at hash house

For bush rogaines we will always have a qualified first aider at the Hash House. They are usually available at the Admin tent but we might have a dedicated first aid tent.

We have a defibrillator with the first aid gear.

Encourage members to get first aid qualifications

The VRA needs volunteers to attend our events. We will subsidise the cost of any member gaining a first aid qualification as long as they attend at least one of our events as first aider.

If you are interested in this, contact our secretary.