Results of the AGM 2021

Thursday 13 May 2021

Thank you everyone who attended by zoom.   We have most committee positions filled.

We welcome and congratulate our new president Kelly Lane and welcome to the committee Gayle Cowling who will take over from Kelly as secretary.   We thank Andrew Baker for his work as president for a number of years.  Departing the committee meetings are two long term Committee helpers.

Peter Chen – Peter has been supporting the committee for many years although most often not an elected committee member.  Peter is one of the most recognised faces around the Hash House setting up and packing up and frequently doing the event equipment manager role.  Peter has decided to step back from rogaine committee work and we hope to see him planning and preparing his own team plan at events.  Thank you Peter, for all your great work particularly with equipment maintenance over many years.

Andrew Hunter – Andrew is also stepping back from the committee meetings while continuing with his current two roles of entries support and partner finder coordinator.  Andrew has been providing support for log on access and entry for maybe 10 years  a role many regulars probably don’t realise is being done.  Thank you Andrew, for your contribution to the committee and your continuing support to rogaining.

Rogaining does have many ways people can help without the need to attend committee meetings.  Please contact a committee person if providing support without attending committee meeting is of interest to you.

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