New Entry System

Wednesday 9 February 2022

We are very excited that we are introducing a new event entry system. It will be used for the first time for the CBD-gaine.

The system is currently used by some other Rogaining States (NSW, ACT and Qld) so it brings consistency. If you have rogained in these States you will have already experienced it.

The system is simpler to use and provides you with secure online payment by card.

You are able to save your profile along with details of your regular Rogaining partners.  This means that every time you start a new team entry the details for you and your team mates will already be populated in the form.  You can add, delete and change these details and decide if you want to save the changes in your profile.

Rogainers will be able to process their own team changes up to the close of entries. This replaces a manual changes process used by event admin volunteers for many years.

Our website has links for you to access team entries and make team changes.  There are links to instructions on how to create your profile, enter a team and make changes to your team.

As well as simplifying processes for Rogainers the new system makes it much easier for our event admin volunteers.

The system is hosted by the Queensland Rogaining Association – you might notice QRA URLs.  The edit profile page appears to come from them rather than Rogaine Victoria.  We will investigate if we can remove this possible confusion.

We have customised the standard system for Victoria and tested it as best we can.  However, if you see anything strange or have suggestions on improving the process, please send them to