Annual General Meeting 2024

Thursday 30 May 2024

AGM and Highlights of the Year

A solid working committee of 18 including 4 new members will lead Rogaining Victoria for the next 12 months after elections at the AGM held via Zoom on Thursday 30th May 2024. The Executive was re-elected. We retain our strong financial position with around $140,000 in the bank. Despite increases in costs and a cancelled event, in 2023 the VRA made a small accounting surplus.

President Sue Noy thanked committee members, VRA members and external organisations for their support of rogaining, and presented the highlights of a successful and busy year.

  • Eight well-attended events for 2689 participants of all ages, including many first-time rogainers.
  • 89 volunteers made events possible.
  • A huge boost to training, with online and face-to-face sessions before, during and after events.
  • The quantity of equipment being hauled to events continued to shrink as old equipment was replaced with lighter, simpler alternatives. Improved first aid equipment and training for additional first aiders, a safety review and standardised event volunteer briefings strengthened our safety standards. The hybrid catering model provided rogainers with a combination of externally supplied (service clubs) and VRA-supplied food.

Attracting enough volunteers to run rogaines and dealing with increasing red tape and access issues remain our two biggest challenges.

See the Annual Report 2023 for details of the year’s achievements and challenges, and Committee Profiles for the 2024 Committee members.