Pure Goldgaine (10 September 2022)

12 Hour - Saturday 10 September 2022

6 Hour - Saturday 10 September 2022

Thanks for your patience in awaiting the results for our latest rogaine. It took a little longer than normal to produce the results as checkpoint 30 was unfortunately stolen. The point was replaced once we discovered that it had gone missing but we had check every score to find the teams that went to 30 before it was replaced. All the teams with a blue flash on their team number were awarded the 30 point as we believe they passed though before it was replaced. If you believe that we missed the extra 30 points for your team drop us an email to navlight@rogainevic.org.au and we will correct it for you.

Congratulations to Paul Monks and Alaster Meehan who claimed victory in the 12 hour event with an amazing 2140 points and to Coulson Travis and Luke Haines with an equally impressive 1440 points in the 6 hour event. For the full results, please click on the relevant attachments. We have also included the detailed tag printouts for each team if you want to see the route you or another team took.

A massive thanks go out to everyone who volunteered for this event. Without our volunteers these events would not be possible. A special acknowledgment goes out to Sally, Robbie and Annie who stepped to some of the key roles at the last moment. Thanks always to Wayne Merry who set and coordinated another great event.

12 hour results (PDF)
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6 hour results (PDF)
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